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Business lunch

Have a quality lunch and be back at the office on time!

Business lunch

At JAQ we understand the hectic world of business. That's why we have an refined lunch created that perfectly meets the needs of business guests in the area.

🍽 Elevated lunch experience: Enjoy a 3-gangenlunch, where we do not compromise on quality or time. Lunch is served where you have paid the bill within an hour. 

🕛 Quick service: Our quick service ensures that you can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also get back to the office quickly. The bill is ready for those in a hurry.

Whether you want to discuss an important deal or just have an efficient lunch, JAQ is the place to be.

On the menu

Start the afternoon with a creamy cappuccino of asparagus served with Dutch shrimp and samphire. 

Next, choose your sandwich: 

  • Chicken club sandwich with homemade, smoked chicken & bacon and topped off with a fried egg. 
  • Spring toast with salmon served with Dutch salmon, avocado and asparagus. 
  • Avocado Smash with delicious, creamy avocado

Dessert is the chef's signature Floating Farm "Hangop", made from cow's milk from the Floating Farm in Rotterdam. A local dessert for our local guests to start the afternoon refreshed after our lunch. 

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