Hello Gorgeous

After several years of globe trotting, numerous adventures and exploring all the good the world has to offer, I have decided to return to my city, Rotterdam. Throughout my journey, I became aquainted with beautiful people that brought to me amazing stories giving me the taste of what impeccable hospitality looks like. It was clear to me that this knowledge and culinary experience should no longer be kept a secret. For this reason, I have decided to open a special place in Rotterdam, where the art of sharing and enjoying are at the heart of everything.

Share or not to share? That’s up to you. You can enjoy an all day menu made and catered to you with love, where the choice is simply yours. Either fill the table with goodness to share or be greedy and enjoy it to yourself. The Chef and I believe that all dishes should remain honest and pure. We do this by bringing love into the products, this way everything tastes exactly as it should.

The people who know me know that I love a good drink and a party. For this reason, our cozy bar offers you classic cocktails, local beers and bar bites which will take your palate away. This makes it the perfect place to sit back and relax before, during and after you hit the streets of Rotterdam.

With love, Jaq


Take Away

Take JAQ home. Our chef has selected the best dishes to take away. Click the button below to view the menu. Place your order via 010 710 8028 

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